How it began

Algoritme Jewelry emerged from a passion for exploring uncharted territories. With a background in architecture honed through experiences in global studios, Ivan Kudlik has cultivated skills in design, parametric 3D modeling, and drawing. Through his architectural journey, he mastered the art of balance, proportion, light, and color in shaping buildings. However, an inner calling prompted him to seek beauty in the personal, the tangible, and the real.

This pursuit led him to the world of jewelry design — a realm where the precision of architectural skills could be translated to a more intimate and refined scale. Algoritme Jewelry has become a manifestation of this exploration, offering a fusion of architectural character and artistic elegance in each piece.

Our Philosophy

Jewelry design is an art form that goes beyond the creation of mere beauty. It is a journey of capturing moments, memories, and emotions, transforming them into timeless pieces meant to be worn and treasured. Our commitment is to instill meaning into every piece we craft.

Our jewelry is a wearable symbol of permanence, elegance, and truth. Through a thoughtful design process, careful material selection, and precise production, we bring forth creations that embody this philosophy. Each piece in our collection is designed to resonate with you on a personal level and be more than just an accessory.

Our Process

In his design process, Ivan incorporates a variety of techniques to craft a masterpiece. The design evolves through iterations of sketches, 3D models, digital renderings, and printed prototypes. The final pieces are made in a traditional way: first, cast in metal, then polished and finished.